Player Pathway

The Simple Path to Learning Golf

To make it fun for players to learn while staying motivated to improve, the Player Pathway provides the perfect program for kids, parents, and coaches. With an easy to follow curriculum combined with awards, players can progress from beginner to elite player!

Hensol Hawks Junior Golf Academy is the benchmark for grass roots development in junior golf and creating the perfect opportunities to bring new players into the game. 

Utilizing a complete pathway from new golfer to elite tournament player in a games-based program that gives every young player the fundamental movement skills.

Our holistic approach provides every player the learning tools that emphasizes fun and friendships, and a Player Pathway development program that provides clear goals while rewarding achievement. 

Hensol Hawks Junior Golf Academy follows the U.S. Kids Golf structured level player pathway, which consists of 10 Levels. As players advance from level to level, new forms are learned, skills improve and achievement pins are earned.

Completion of Levels 1 – 5 establish the basic fundamentals to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment and knowledge of the game. 

Advancing through Levels 6 – 10 provides skills to successfully compete in tournament play. In each level, there a five checkpoints in which achievement pins may be earned: 

Achievement pins are awarded for completing each of these elements and upon completion of all of these, the members are rewarded with a “Level Mastered” badge before moving onto the next Level up. 


Golf comes with many inherent values and life skills. Here, at the HENSOL HAWKS JUNIOR GOLF ACADEMY, we teach and encourage important life skills which will give your child/ren the best possible opportunities to excel in life. The Hensol Hawks 12 Core values and life skills are:

We make learning FUN with every player progressing at their own confident pace! Why wouldn’t you sign your budding golf up to the leading Junior Academy in the UK!